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Back to school spotlight form - Aug 2023

This is an opportunity for us to get to know you & the children in your life (Age 0-18) a little better through photos and stories. So share what you and they are comfortable with, and we’ll make sure to spotlight them and celebrate back to school together!

Please note:

  • Have multiple stories to share? Great! You can submit all of them, one by one.

  • Submit your entry by Monday, Aug 21st for a chance to win a prize!

  • The winners will be determined during a raffle on August 21st and announced on August 22nd.

Part 2: Questions for the child you are spotlighting

Please note:

1. This section should be completed by the child, but you can assist them by reading the question aloud and typing their answer.

2. If the child is too young to respond, please provide answers on their behalf.

Upload a vertical photo, up to 15 MB
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