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Meet The Clubs

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Witches of Wix

National & Virtual

Witches of Wix is a group that delves into mindfulness, personal growth, and community-building. We offer expert-led workshops and discussions. Join us for a practical exploration of well-being and camaraderie

Club Leader - Stormie Bonazza, Kassandra Jade

Rummikub Game Night

CDR Gamers Club

Local & in person

CDR Gamers Club is for any board game and table top game enthusiasts. Whether you have only played a few games or hundreds, come join us!  It's a great way to meet other co-workers who share your love for games. We meet after work hours 1-2 times per month to play table-top games and host tournaments at our Wix location. Different types of games we might play: board games, card games, dice games, RPG's(Role Playing Games), Dungeons & Dragons, bingo, Magic the Gathering, Catan, etc.

Club Leader - Brenda Cronin

Sunset Reading

Book Club,

National & virtual

Wix Book Club is a place for book lovers to join together and discover works of literature. We want to come together and socialize over these educational and fun tools that help sharpen our brains. We will explore genres for the first time, support POC authors, and enjoy some quality time with our peers.

Club Leader - Alyssa Yarolem 


Simps Society

National & virtual

Simp Society is a space to let your otaku, geeky, weeb, and furry side out. Want to talk about your favorite show or what you're watching or reading, you are the right spot. Let's have fun with the Anime watch parties and manga reading sessions!

You can also expect Bi-weekly meetings, manga books are provided after club voting and watch parties are done on the club's discord.

Club Leader -Frank De Jesus Feliz

Spinning Class

Pelo-Wixers, National & virtual 

This club is for anyone that is a part of the Peloton family! This includes those who use the Bike, Trend, or the app! We want to help uplift and encourage each other to reach our fitness goals. You can expect scheduled group classes, monthly challenges (with prizes), and more. #TogetherWeGoFar

Club Leader - Lida Walsh

Map in Grass

Wix Travel Club 

Wix Travel is a place for anyone and everyone to network, share resources & empower one another to explore the world fearlessly through safety, socializing & support. We'd love to hear about experiences you've had at your favorite vacation spots! Plus, participate in raffles to win Airbnb experiences, travel kits & more! Don't travel often? No problem! We'd love to hear about what types of activities & experiences you've had locally!

Club Leader - Sherihan Garcia

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 5.05.11 PM.png

CDR Crafters Club

Local & in person

We love crafting and art, if you do too, please join us! From painting, to fiber arts, to wood art, and anything you can think of. We meet one to two times a quarter, in an official capacity. Our goal is to create an environment where crafty people can bounce ideas off each other, share news about art events in our area, and get together to learn something new. Everyone is welcomed, at all artistic levels! We are here to encourage and cheer each other on as we explore creativity. 

Club Leader - Rachel Stumme

Decorating Cocktail

Miami Mixology Club

Local & in person

Mixology club is about bringing innovation, ideas, inspiration, and individuality to your cocktails. Built for any level of experience, we’ll talk about concepts from around the world, give you tools to showcase your artistic flair, and show you techniques to make delicious, balanced drinks with consistent technical accuracy. Don’t drink? No problem! We’ll always have mocktails too.

Club Leader - Stefani Melendez

Barista Making Drip Coffee

Miami Coffee Club

Local & in person

We're a club based out of the Miami office dedicated to trying any and every new cool coffee shop in the Miami area. We will have quarterly coffee tastings with a variety of different flavors and options with an end goal of helping people find more reasons to come into the office and engage with each other.

Club Leader - Brian Romer

Lifting Barbells


National & virtual 

Wixercise Club is a group dedicated to all things health and fitness. We will have ongoing challenges, contests, information about online and local classes you are able to attend, free events, recipes, health & fitness tips, and accountability to help you reach your goals. Health & Fitness Accountability via Slack: #wixercise

Club Leader - Alyssa Yarolem

disc golf.jpeg

Disc Golf Club in Cedar Rapids, National & virtual

This club is for anyone who enjoys playing disc golf and wants to learn more about one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is a great sport to develop physical skills, share the sport with your community, friends, and build new relationships. We’ll also have yearly league seasons in each site.

Club Leader - Austin Shepard

Ping Pong

SF Ping Pong Club

The Wix SF Ping Pong Club is for anyone looking for a good time with coworkers over a ping pong table! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just picking up a paddle for the first time, our club is the perfect place to serve it up and score some serious workplace bragging rights. We meet up at various ping pong gyms across the Bay Area, including SPIN SF, and Alameda Ping Pong Gym. We promise thrilling matches, friendly competition, and maybe even a few victory dances.

Club Leader - Devin London

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